Mommy & Me Pack

Mommy & Me Pack

As a Mommy I know how important is to take care of the body during and after pregancy. I was introduced to womb care by  yoni steaming after having my first baby, my baby boy and it helped me not only physically but mentally and emotionally.

This Mommy and Me package is best for New Mommys and Mommys to be.

Package includes a customized herbal blend for postpartum as well as an All Natural Belly oil geared towards stretch marks and scarring.

Postpartum vaginal steaming has been shown to assist in the healing of hemorrhoids, tears, and stitches, and reduce perineal pain and uterine cramping.

Helps sooth the womb, release of after birth & fluids, healing benefits to aid and restore, tightening and shrinking uterine walls back to pre-pregnancy size.