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Becoming a Certified Yoni Facilitator

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

My first personal experience with yoni steaming was 7 1/2 years ago after giving birth to my baby boy. My mom who was a registered nurse at the time, suggested that I steam post my natural cleanse. I didn't know much about it but my mother let me know the steam would help improve circulation and sooth the womb and that it did!

I knew it was something I definitely wanted and needed to try again but never did.

Until, 3 years ago when starting The Wellness House of Healing (a home of natural healers) with Founder and friend Alycea Shirley, we would attend wellness events as well as hold our own. One of these events, a women's day event held at my home where we focused on womanhood, sensuality and femininity.

One of the guest speakers we had join us that day was one of the owners of a Vagina Spa located in Brooklyn, N.Y. by the name Lunadevag. At the event, she went over some yoni products and yoni care. I was immediately intrigued and had what felt like an epiphany, realizing how much women has given over to this patriarchy in even dealing with knowing our own bodies. To gain back power as we do, I began researching and educating myself.

When beginning my research I learned the first female gynecologist wasn't until the 1960s.

That alone blew my mind...especially since the concept of our natural menstrual CYCLE is called a period, always took me for a loop but then learning all made sense.

I took my education further and enrolled in a course provided by Steamy Chick where I received my certificate as a Peri steam Facilitator.

I now take it as my responsibility and purpose to educate as many women who want to learn the wonderful benefits of yoni steaming with herbs.

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